Partners’ Projects

Tayside Medical History Museum

Maws & Bairns: Maternal & Child Health in Tayside

dri pediatrics veranda c1930s

The Maws & Bairns exhibition looked at how obstetric and child care has progressed from the days of high maternal and infant mortality through to some of the latest advances in diabetes, cystic fibrosis and in vitro fertilisation, with a particular emphasis on developments in Dundee and Tayside. Important historical figures such as R C Buist, Margaret Fairlie and James Walker were showcased alongside recent ground-breaking projects in tackling childhood diabetes and cystic fibrosis.

For or Against? Immunity and Allergy


This fascinating exhibition gave an insight into the story of protective immunity against infection and the opposite process of allergy. Starting with early milestones, it highlighted some of the developments up to today, focusing on some notable Dundee researchers past and present.


Mending the Broken Heart: The Evolution of Cardiology in Tayside


Mending the Broken Heart charted the progress of diagnosis and treatment of heart disease over the past century, concentrating on achievements within Tayside. The roots of modern cardiology can be traced to a small farm outside Scone in Perthshire, where the noted general practitioner and cardiologist Sir James Mackenzie was born. Mackenzie revolutionised the investigation of heart disease and at the start of the 20th century he was widely recognised as the world authority on the heart.

From modest beginnings at Dundee Royal Infirmary in the 1920s, the Cardiology department in Dundee has flourished into an international centre of excellence. The exhibition covered the pioneering cardiac catheterisation studies of Sir Ian Hill’s team in the 1950s and 60s through to more recent developments in diagnosis, imaging and therapy. This included ground-breaking research being undertaken into new drug therapies in Dundee and remarkable technological advances in the visualisation, teaching and treatment of heart disease.

A Delicate Operation: The History of Surgery in Tayside

Caird block theatre 1930s 1

A Delicate Operation explored the development of surgery in Tayside, looking at notable Dundee surgeons, the growth of specialist disciplines, local surgical instrument makers and more.